CBA Membership Application Form

CBA Membership Application Form
Contact Number
Physical Address
Postal Address
Holding Company Name (if applicable)
Registered Company Name
Registration Number
Trading Name (if applicable)
Short description of your current business
Are you a registered credit bureau in terms of section 43 of the National Credit Act?
Has an application for CBA Membership previously been terminated due to resignation or suspension?
Do you carry on business that accords with the functions of a credit bureau in terms of section 70(2) of the National Credit Act?
Do you collectively have your own database of credit profiles on consumers and commercial entities?
Do you receive and host data supplied by members of SACRRA?
Are you in a position to accept the filing of consumer credit information from any data supplier, including members of SACRRA?
Have you applied to SACRRA to host SACRRA credit and risk data?
Do you host additional data such as judgments and court orders?
Is this data used for on-selling purposes?
What is your reason for wanting to join the CBA?
Director 1
Shareholder 1
Director 2
Shareholder 2
Director 3
Shareholder 3
Director 4
Shareholder 4
Thank you for your application. The CBA will be in touch with you regarding your membership category as well as the fees and benefits applicable to these categories of membership.

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