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The Credit Bureau Association (CBA) is a voluntary industry body, representing 18 of the registered credit bureaus within South Africa.

The full member credit bureaus are:
Consumer Profile Bureaus (CPB), Experian, TransUnion, VeriCred, Xpert Decision System (XDS), ITC Credit Bureau (Pty) Ltd.

The intermediate credit bureau members are:

Inoxico, Managed Integrity Evaluation (MIE) and Tenant Profile Network

The reseller credit bureau members are:
Accountability (Pty) Ltd, Baker Street Information Sciences (Pty) Ltd, CLICKNHIRE (Pty) Ltd, Credit Gateway (Pty) Ltd, Cred-it-data Online Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Effective Intelligence (Pty) Ltd, I-Bureau Services, IDR South Africa (Pty) Ltd t/a V, Report, iFacts (Pty) Ltd, Kudough Credit Solutions, LexisNexis Risk Management (Pty) Ltd, MarisIT, ONMISOL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (PTY) LTD, Octagon Business Solutions, (Pty) Ltd, PayProp Capital (Pty) Ltd, PBSA (Pty) Ltd, Searchworks 360 (Pty) Ltd, Smart Information Bureau, ThisIsMe (Pty) Ltd, zenAptix (Pty) Ltd, Zoia Consulting Pty (Ltd) /TA Dots Africa

All credit bureaus are regulated by the National Credit Regulator, in accordance with the National Credit Act, 34 of 2005 and the Regulations and amendments pertaining thereto.


The CBA is not a credit bureau. It is an industry body whose members are credit bureaus. Credit bureaus are companies that store and maintain information on consumer credit history. Each credit-active consumer will have a profile with a bureau, and credit providers use this information to assess credit applications.

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The CBA’s mandate is to provide a framework of standards and policies to protect consumer credit information in South Africa to ensure fair and good practice within the consumer credit industry.

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