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It has come to the attention of the credit bureaus who hold judgment information relating to consumers,
namely Compuscan, Consumer Profile Bureau, Experian, TransUnion, Vericred, and Xpert Decision
Systems, that a number of civil court judgments obtained in relation to e-tolls /SANRAL accounts were
sent to the credit bureaus for loading onto consumers’ credit profiles.

The Credit Bureau Association, on behalf of the afore-mentioned credit bureaus, would like to advise
consumers, that information relating to e-tolls / SANRAL will not be held on the credit bureaus. The
Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendment Act, 2013, which amended the South African National
Roads Agency Limited and National Roads Act, 1998, specifically excludes the levying and collecting of
e-tolls from the provisions of the National Credit Act, 2005 and the Regulations thereto, as amended
from time to time (“the NCA”). Credit bureaus receive, hold, display and remove consumer information
in accordance with the provisions of the NCA and accordingly are not able to hold information which is
specifically excluded from the provisions of the NCA. Any information relating to e-tolls /SANRAL which
has been inadvertently loaded onto a consumer profile, will be removed.

If any consumer is aware that information relating to e-tolls / SANRAL has been loaded to his / her
consumer profile, please contact one of the credit bureaus listed our “your credit report & dispute process” to lodge a dispute and this information will be removed.

by: The 
Credit Bureau Association


The CBA is a voluntary industry body, representing 9 of the 14 registered credit bureaus within South Africa. This includes Compuscan, Consumer Profile Bureau (CPB), Cred-IT Data Risk Management Solutions, Experian, Inoxico, Lexis Nexis Risk Management Services, Tenant Profile Network (TPN), TransUnion and Xpert Decision Systems (XDS). We operate within the industry as regulated by the National Credit Regulator, in accordance with the National Credit Act and related law.


The CBA is not a credit bureau. It is an industry body and our members are credit bureaus. These are companies that store and maintain information on consumer credit history. Each credit-active consumer will have a profile with a bureau, and credit providers use this information to assess credit applications.
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The CBA’s mandate is to provide a framework for a sustainable and well-functioning credit information system by facilitating fair practice within the credit bureau industry and by promoting transparency, accountability, high-quality credit reporting and sound business practices.
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